Nathaniel Boyd - Artist and Cellist

Artist biography

The youngest son of the Australian artist Jamie Boyd, Nathaniel belongs to the distinguished Boyd artistic dynasty that began in 1886. Nathaniel enjoys an international reputation as a cellist performing at the world’s most prestigious venues. He draws artistic inspiration from the cityscapes and landscapes he encounters during his travels around the world. As well as a strong affinity for landscape, Nathaniel works from his studio in Buckinghamshire in a wide range of mediums, including sculpture in bronze and stone. Nathaniel has sold work via private sales and through galleries in Australia including the Redhill Gallery, Brisbane and the Eva Breuer Gallery in Melbourne.

Nathaniel is currently showing at the Green and Stone Summer Exhibition in Chelsea, London and at Gallery on the Sturt in Ballarat, Australia.

Painting and sculpture for me share a great deal with performance. Sitting in a field painting the sky and distant hills, or sitting in the studio with a lump of clay, I endeavour to clear the mind and allow the work to happen; to be guided by an invisible force.